How to Put Together a Womens Clown Outfit

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This year when you go to that costume party, you don’t want to dress like everyone else. Perhaps your friends enjoy dressing up as ghouls, vampires or maids, but you want to express your fun side with a womens clown outfit. The first thing to think of is finding the shoes, as female clowns don’t wear high heels and besides, you want to be comfortable. Find the biggest, floppiest shoes you own, or better yet, buy a pair of slippers and dye them if need be to a bright yellow, blue, pink, red, or whatever you choose. Then it’s on to the funny pants and shirt or perhaps a “onesie” with large fuzzy buttons.

Better yet, you can often find a complete womens clown outfit at costume supply stores. That way, you can get the shoes, clothes, wacky wig, and wonderful accessories all at once.

Heads are sure to turn when you enter that party dressed as a clown. Keep in mind that some females actually do clown appearances as a living, so if done right, it could be a lucrative career opportunity.